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“[I] cannot say enough wonderful things about our program that is part of Choose Mental Health! From the admissions team to the front line staff, everyone has shown such care and professionalism from the very beginning. Wonderful program making a difference.”

—Mental Health Advocate

Jim Tells of Success for Son’s Mental Health Treatment

A father tells viewers the benefits of Choose Mental Health and how resources and options were opened to them to help his son as a family of modest means.

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“The program we attended was an amazing place. Our daughter just finished ten months and it had a truly transformative impact on her. She arrived with depression, sadness and much anxiety. She leaves believing in herself and self worth and looking forward to living her life. This is a result of a strong fundamental program as well as therapists, teachers and staff who are passionate about what they do and care deeply about all of the girls. It is also great that they live with peers who become close friends and help see that they are not alone. We would recommend it without hesitation.”

—Grateful Parent

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“They saved our son’s life. My family and I bounced around in a horrible mental health system for 6 or 7 years, with incorrect diagnoses and the wrong treatments. We finally found our amazing program (a Choose Mental Health member). The people there are there because they want to be; their goal in life is to help young people. It is not ‘just a job’ as I’ve seen in so many other places. Their dedication to relationships and the education their therapists/employees receive is second to none. They care, and are outfitted to provide the real care and help these boys deserve. I went from a Mom who assumed her son would live with her the rest of his life, unable to perform the activities to develop an enriching life, to a Mom who is watching her son grow. This feeling is indescribable. Thank you for giving our son his life back.”

—Relieved Parent

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“Our program (part of Choose Mental Health) is a program that touches on all aspects of a young girl’s life when she’s at an age where there can be so many struggles. They really help her to clarify and understand what values are important to her and to her family. They also help her to figure out what it takes to live by the values that are important to her. The intensive family work we did is so powerful, as the real change comes about when the family can make the shifts necessary. Relationships do heal.”

—Mental Health Advocate

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“As our son grew older it became apparent that staying home was not going to work. We didn’t know where to turn for answers as all the therapy and interventions we did were not what he needed. At 18 years old, our son was unable to remain at home or in his school due to serious emotional issues that were not sufficiently addressed locally with medication and twice weekly psychotherapy.

We needed to find a program that would allow him finish high school while at the same time address his serious mental health issues. Through Choose Mental Health, we found an amazing program that fits our son’s needs.

Our son has made steady progress from his weekly one-on-one therapy and around-the-clock protocols and support. Incredibly he has completed high school and secured employment. At the same time he has been participating in a group based treatment program that includes psychotherapy, group sessions to work on social skills and individual life skills mentoring to help him launch.

We have been in weekly family therapy as well as involved in weekly treatment team meetings. As a parent I was concerned about finding a treatment program that would meet his needs without making things worse. Like others, I had heard stories about abuse that have occurred in these kinds of programs and it caused great concern.

Now that our son is there, not once have I had any concerns about this. From the moment we made contact with this program I have felt comfortable. The staff have been supportive and communicative. I have complete confidence in this program and have felt safe placing my son there. Equally important, my son has felt safe and supported while doing very difficult soul searching and changing. Our son needed a level of care that couldn’t be created living at home and we feel lucky to have found that place. I can recommend this program without any reservations.

—A Hopeful Parent

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