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Ways You Can Help

Mental Health Charity for Kids and Teens

If you are passionate about kids and mental health, you have hit the jackpot.

We love you already!

Here, you can make a difference with donations that literally help pay for children and teen’s mental health treatment. You can also support a mental health organization (Choose Mental Health) that identifies needs and provides services and resources for teens and children. Either way you are making a life-changing contribution.

Fundraising for Charitable Organizations for Kids

Ways You Can Help Mental Health Organizations

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  • Making monthly donations that are small and steady are impactful to youth mental health charities
  • On birthdays, ask for donations to Choose Mental Health rather than gifts
  • Be active online sharing and promoting #ChooseMentalHealth
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  • Host a mental health awareness charity fundraiser
  • Ask for family / foundation gifts
  • Connect a celebrity
  • Major gifts facilitator 
  • Set up employee giving at your company
  • Set up foundational giving from your company
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Keeping It Real: Raising Youth Mental Health Awareness

  • It takes clinically sophisticated providers to really deliver sustainable results for adolescent mental health issues
  • Over 20 million kids struggle right now with chronic or severe mental health needs
  • Choose Mental Health’s network of residential providers take the hardest youth mental health cases
    • Usually a 12-14 month cycle from beginning to end
    • Results are powerful, long term and sustainable
    • Costs are expensive for 24 hour care, food, meds, specialized clinical therapy, boarding and private schooling
  • Fundraising helps kids who admit to residential care to defray costs