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What We Do

At a Glance

Mental health needs in youth is a worldwide crisis. Children with mental health combined with no hope are most vulnerable.

Choose Mental Health is the national voice for children's mental health.  We help children and youth by empowering parents and caregivers finds answers fast. The "next step" is always the hardest and Choose Mental Health is changing how parents and caregivers access immediate help. 

All fundraising directly supports these goals by providing top tier advice online with videos, podcasts and articles all for the parent and caregiver who is looking to support children and youth. The majority of funding received goes directly to scholarships to aid mental health treatment at the highest levels when insurance stops working.

Here are some startling facts. Among the highest death rates in youth comes from mental illness. The highest untreated / undiagnosed population with mental illness are youth. The highest potential for real improvement, again is our youth. If we can’t help young people find answers…real answers, our death rates won’t stop climbing.

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Premier Care for All

Choose Mental Health provides greater access for all families to premier mental health answers.

Fundraising provides scholarships and scholarships pay for providers who are the best at children’s mental health.

Choose Mental Health also maintains a library of answers for families to get started today. Many of the techniques and industry secrets are spelled out for families to use. This one-of-a-kind tool and information is powerful and only available here for free.

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National Network of Providers, Families Can Rely On

In cooperations with national providers, these "program providers" have certified with Choose Mental Health to live a higher standard of care that differentiates them from the crowd.

We provide resources to parents and caregivers to help their children and youth. It begins online and can eventually lead to residential placement. Until now, only a select wealthy few ever find it. The real crisis of mental health is not having enough awareness of the companies who are making a difference in the lives of children.

Clinically demanding cases leave parents and caregivers frustrated with no good answers. Now with Choose Mental Health, answers are not only available but are life-changing. When your family has reached crisis-mode then you need real help that you can rely on.

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Next Steps

Begin with our library of resources.



This DIY approach helps you as a caregiver learn your role and then begin helping your child. All resources are provided at no cost and will help you find answers.  The mental health path is messy and difficult but now you are armed with tools to move forward.

This path has been traveled by thousands and is life-changing. Begin your journey today with Choose Mental Health.


IMPORTANT: This level of support is expensive. We are always looking for partnerships who are as passionate and willing to support this incredible work.

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