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Dan Pontius

Dan Pontius, MBA


With more than 2 decades helping children and youth, Dan has taken on the most difficult yet rewarding of all nonprofit movements, mental health for children, with aspirations of changing mental health forever. His passion for helping children, stems from seeing, first hand the deep struggles that children and youth suffer around mental health needs.

In an industry that lives in the shadows of society, those who struggle most because of societal shame and bias are our youth. Now with an army of supporters Dan is leading a movement to remove shame, build resources, open communications and bring to light a powerful movement that is giving dignity and confidence to the most underserved and shamed in our nation...our children.

As a co-founder of Choose Mental Health, Daniel has vowed to give as many children as possible, the gift of good mental health. He remarked “I am challenging anyone who reads this to join us, where possibilities and science make a difference that lasts a lifetime.”

Craig Sorenson

Craig Sorensen, MBA


Craig is a force in the nonprofit space for children. His passion to help children’s wellness has driven his desire to give back by founding Choose Mental Health. His branding, communication and marketing talents are legendary and honed by 20 years of experience in the international nonprofit sector. Craig’s sophisticated approach to helping children health needs, includes a lifetime commitment to awareness.

Some of his crowning achievements are live national events in New York City’s, Time Square featuring celebrities and epic media events. Another is a multi-year production for the Golf Channel, a fundraising/awareness event in Hawaii flanked by sports greats and last but not least, introducing children to the President of the United States, well, several Presidents over the years, in private White House visits.

Choose Mental Health is proud to have Craig as a co-founder and advocate of children’s mental health.

tony mosier

Tony Mosier, MFT


Tony has an innate passion for helping children and youth. Not just in treatment but anywhere or anytime. His professional contribution includes helping youth through premier treatment protocols, industry policy and now building a national nonprofit that provides greater access to mental health answers. Tony has paved a path for mental health that has led the industry for decades.

As the President (former) of the national NATSAP association and board member of prestigious organizations over the years, Tony has opened doors and access to mental health creating incredible good for children and youth. As a culmination of his expertise, he is co-founding Choose Mental Health taking his dream of helping children to the next level to provide premium treatment that is more accessible to families while holding the industry accountable to a higher standard of care.

craig lamont

Craig LaMont, MFT (Chair)


Craig is an icon in the residential treatment industry and has been for decades. He has influenced the industry at all levels. His knowledge and experience has touched many premium programs operating in the United States. There is nothing that Craig won’t do to help students learn sustainable life-balancing tools for a better tomorrow.

This is evident in his personal life, professional life and now as a co-founder of Choose Mental Health and the organization’s first Chair. His profound impact on the residential mental health industry has guided and molded a mentality of excellence that delivers a vision far exceeding current required standards.

As Chair, Craig brings executive level expertise and industry respect. His service is a gift to the needs of children and youth in America and now Choose Mental Health.

Current Board Members 2024

Cheryl Meibos

Becca Jolley

Clint Dorney

Tony Mosier

Steve DeMille

Tamara Ancona

Craig Sorensen

James Clarke

Chris White

Steve Nadauld

Craig LaMont (Chair)

Andrea Burgess